Allevari will start in the game with either a prologe orr jumping right into story. Allevari will start gazing out her window from her room admiring the entire island.

Allevari created her own home ( with the help of her brothers and sisters ) as she didnt want to stay in the main home which is where everyone came from.

When everyone was young there understanding on why there here on the island, the old man had no intentions of coming to the Island but it was considered a safe haven of land. Planet Earth was once a fully thriving place, until drastic events started taking place around the world that lead to making earths natural ways unatural. As terrorism became so bad, countries from all over the world began fighting for either themselves or for eachother. A threat called North Korea began dispacting there army and bombs started hitting criticil cities across the world, the world turned into an apolocypic enviorment. The overall temperature of the earth rose, leaving wastelands of destoryed countries, which resulted in people to leave the earth and ascend into space, only the rich could afford such oppertunities and prioritized on celebrities and critical wealthy people who are symbolized as valuable assets for the greater humanity.

As decades passed, the space city councial, which held all of humanity, came to a point where there new technologies and ideas started creating plans to create a self contained city which resided on Earth. People felt it was time to start coming back to earth and bieng the generation that restarted humanity on New Earth, but the atmosphere and enviorment of Earth was still not suitable for humans. Some of the smartest people in the space community all came together and created the plans for the construction of this massive city. The desicion was made to build a dome type city within a giant crator that once struck upon the earth from a massive explotion from the post war. The goepgrahical location made it the perfect enviorment for there city.


After the compleation of the city, humanity was finally able to come back to earth and started becoming a living city.


The 10 protagonist that you will play as all came from the space colony, to put it broadly they where experiments that where created for advancing human life. From the beggining of birth the 10 people had parents and these parents where speicaly selected to be part
of the program.

As one scientist was working on the project probloms starting occuring and after many trial and errors, money spent and time invested the project was turned upside down and shut down as it came to bad timing with a new president, who had different views on the project. This lead to child test subject becoming a hazard/threat to the rest of the colony.

As the parents of these children began to start relizing the sitation was going out of control they eventally got stripped from there children to never see them again. There was disscustions from the scientist on how these children would be handled and while there few options would result in the children to either be executed or left in a seperate facility on the space station with no chance to ever leave there one location. It eventaully came to the point where the team behind the project decided to get all the children and leave the station to planet earth, since they believed it was the childrens last hope in surviving. The president and police eventaully came to the point of executing the scientis and children but as the group of scientists and children left on an escape pod ship, they where able to survive the attack.

Some scientist died along with there knowledge on the project.

The scientists where trying to come up with an idea on where they will land, there was no set path for them. As they came into the earths atmosphere they landed on the sea with nothing in sight but water and horizons. As time cam by there was only so much supply to last the children and scientist and tehy had to find land. After much time and debate went by, drifting along the waterworld they almost gave up, eating smaller rations and trying to keep themselves sane, time began to dwindle and there minds started to die. At some point in time they found land, the apporach of this small desolate island became a miracel in the scientists eyes, some believed god made this happen, others where in shock to what they have just witnessed, a place to where they can finally call a new home.

As there space pod ship hit the land there first steps where like living in a dreamland, seeing and feeling the tress and dirt was like no other experience for them and deciding to raise these children here was there destiny.

Adapting to the island was no easy feat, but with the help of the technology and knowledge the scientist had, there lives where put to the test. As the kids grew up, they ended up adapting to there new family and the enviorment of the island and with the help of there technology they all began to become profificent with themselves.

As the children grew up there vision of there past was blurry and did not remeber the entire stoy or how they even ended up on the island.

The story begans in the eyes of one of these children. Allevari.